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Are they FAQs if no one's ever asked them yet? Sure.





Does my child need previous experience? Nope! We are open to children of all abilities and levels of experience.


Does every class require a minimum number of students? Yes. Especially for our Playmaking classes, we need at least 8 kids to make them work. We will allow up to 12. If it becomes clear that a class you've signed up for is under-registered, we'll reach out and offer you a change when possible. If not, you'll get a full refund.


What happens when a class is waitlisted? If you see "Join Waitlist" on the registration page, it means the class is at capacity. If we have a strong waitlist for any of our classes, we'll work hard to create a new class at a time that works for you.




Why are you focused on online experiences when there's perfectly good sunshine outside? We love the sunshine and think kids (and adults) should be out whenever possible, but we'll leave that to your family. Simply put, if we can't ensure your child's safety, we won't do it. Another important aspect of BrightSpot Theater is that it's open to anyone, anywhere, and meeting in a local park would create exclusion. And we're definitely not about that.


What do I need in my home? A computer or digital device with a camera, a way to mount that camera at about 40" for a good view of the child's room or "stage space" (this could be as simple as using a tall table or dresser) and bandwidth, of course. We imagine you've already stared down the issues of buying more bandwidth, but if not, we recommend it. (Don't be afraid to ask your service provider for a free upgrade, you might be surprised at what they'll do to keep you!) Also, please find a space for your child where s/he feels secure, isn't interrupted by anything, and is able to scream, "We must find the hidden treasure!" without fear of someone storming the palace to save him/her. It's drama, after all.

How do you handle poor behavior in an online class? Each instructor is trained in positive behavior reinforcement, and our first strategy is to focus on fair opportunities for every child. If student distractions are within a normal range of behaviors, we'll address them by setting boundaries and redirecting the behavior. If a student creates unsafe space for others that can't be easily resolved, we will remove him/her from the class (there's a "remove" button in Zoom) and be in contact with the parent at our earliest convenience.

What if it just doesn't go well? We understand that sometimes things aren't a good fit, but we'll do our best to never miss an opportunity to keep your child happy and engaged. If there are issues or things we need to know, please email Phil directly. If leaving the program is the best choice, we will refund you the prorated balance of your registration fee, subject to the refund policy.




How do you arrive at your pricing? Our goal is to price each class as a value-driven experience relative to the marketplace, especially considering the learning hours offered (over 38 hours in the Playmaking classes!). There are a great number of cost factors in any program like this; Zoom accounts are the new rent and administration drives cost as well. But the most important factor is this: we've got a great team of experienced and enthusiastic instructors who deserve to be well-paid for their efforts. We also pay royalties to publishers and playwrights for their work. Artists have taken a big hit during the pandemic, and BrightSpot is a positive way of bringing community and financial support to them. We hope you'll join us in that effort.


What is the refund policy? We will refund your full amount, no questions asked, up until five days before your class begins. Within five days of the class's starting date, we keep $50 for our trouble and you get the rest back. If you leave after starting the class, we prorate the course by the number of days you attended, and give you the rest back (although we'll work hard to keep you). Easy.


Do I have payment options? You will have the option to pay in full, or in two installments at registration.


Is there a sibling discount? Yes, for most classes. For each sibling after the first child, we'll give you 15% off of a class priced the same or less. We cannot offer sibling discounts for the Visual Arts, Songwriting or Song Performance classes, sorry.

Are there scholarships or discounts to families in need? We are offering five 50% discounts to families in need during the Fall 2020 term. For more information, please email Phil.