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BrightSpot Theater is an emerging online theatre experience for kids located in Boston and online everywhere. We seek new and engaging plays that are great for kids – musicals or non-musicals – for use in directed, online experiences. Our participants are 4th through 8th graders who relish good characters and exciting journeys. Our topical interests are wide: social and racial justice, community and differences; we love gender neutral, we love not-humans; we love serious as well as just-plain-silly stuff. Most important, we're committed to every actor and believe a good play for kids leaves no one on the sidelines.

We like plays that are 25-50 pages and have 10-15 characters, but that’s not rigid. We like short plays, too; we probably can't use longer plays at this time. We like musicals that are truly kid-singable and kid-friendly. Finally, keep in mind that kids in our participant group aren't ready for love and romance except in decidedly silly ways. Maybe.

We believe that the best plays for kids aren't published...they're sitting on your hard drive somewhere. We know that strong playwrights often have a few solid plays that are worthy of further attention and we’re here to give them a new life. With that in mind, we offer these terms:

• Plays we select would be used in online settings, either to be read once or to be "produced" as a Zoom play. For a one-time reading, we will pay you $15; for a Zoom production, we'll pay you $100. Payments will be made through PayPal or Venmo and there will be a simple, one-page contract.

• A Zoom reading is one session with kid actors reading, then discussing, the play, but not pursuing it further. You'll be encouraged to join us.

• A Zoom performance is a longer commitment to learning, rehearsing and then performing the play live on Zoom at the end of a number of weeks. The show shall be "broadcast" only on Zoom to a limited audience, and free of charge. The show will be recorded for archival purposes and will be available to our participants and you, but not for sharing on social media.

• We currently have no plans to produce live theatre until it is safe. For any play subsequently chosen for live theatre, the terms of use would be renegotiated.

• We make no ownership or copyright claim to your play, but we may ask you to consider tweaks that we feel might improve the experience for our kids​.

• We are equally interested in creating a strong repository of plays for children, a source for educators and theatre directors to see your work in one place and license it directly from you. We think it's an idea whose time has come. This is in the planning stages and we'll give you the chance to opt-in or out of that project when the time is right.

• Any play submitted through our website shall receive a reading and a response. Plays not accepted will be deleted. You will be notified either way, we won't leave you hanging!

Interested playwrights can submit plays through our Google form by clicking the button below: