Everyone needs a fresh set of eyes.

BrightSpot Theater offers consultation services to schools, playwrights, composers and arts organizations looking to improve their work and the way its viewed by the end audience. From imagining new works, to working on improving existing story lines, to offering fresh perspectives on outreach and community engagement, our team has years of experience in storytelling, production and ideation that can help you move your work to the next level.

Schools – we work with schools on specific objectives, including the realization of original works developed by students, engaging them in the process and inspiring a love of creation. We also create communications strategies and deliverables that reach parent and community audiences, particularly during the pandemic when everything is new and untested. We also offer in-person writing seminars that discuss the music and theater industries and their role in the future of the arts.


Arts Organizations –  Every arts organization is inventing new ways to connect and continue programming in a virtual world, where expectations and value propositions have changed. We query your current operations and help design new outreach strategies to help you continue to grow your exposure to your community. 

Playwrights – every writer reaches a point where the ideas that seemed great begin to circle around themselves. "Do I have a story at all?" becomes the overwhelming question. We believe you do and start from a place of innate curiosity about your work and intention, reading, listening and asking questions. Story Therapy is an approach where we query your assumptions, investigate your characters and probe more deeply into the humanity they might be feeling – or missing. Great stories are built before they're told, and we believe in a criteria-based approach to storytelling that allows for infinite imagination by anticipating and satisfying important audience expectations.

Musicians and Composers – With over 30 years experience in professional composition and recording production, there might not be a situation we haven't encountered or pushed through. Our services include songwriting (either in collaboration with you or for you), music production, mixing, and professional consultation as you work to improve your business model.

Want to know more? Please contact Phil Schroeder.